Travel Money Tips

If you are travelling abroad, these tips will help you get the best exchange rate and keep your money safe:

  • Try to budget how much you will spend on your holiday. Having too little cash may leave you in a tricky situation while too much cash can also have safety issues.
  • Check online to see whether cash machines are widely available at your holiday destination. It is worth bearing in mind that you will often be charged a premium for withdrawing cash with a debit card abroad.
  • Do not take too many big notes as smaller stores or restaurants may not carry enough change.
  • It is always worth keeping some money on you at all times when outside of your hotel, weather it is for tipping or in case of an emergency.
  • Check to see if your bank cards actually work abroad. Banks often block transactions from certain countries to protect you from fraud. It is always worth calling your bank before you go on holiday.
  • Use a travellers card alongside taking cash. Ice offer a prepaid travel card service that can be used around the world. The Ice card is a prepaid MasterCard® making it safer than cash should your card get stolen.

What Next?

To get a great rate on your travel money call ICE on 01455 897 873 or Order online. For orders over £700, ICE will deliver free of charge direct to your door.