New Zealand Dollar

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The New Zealand dollar is often called the ‘kiwi’ by traders. The bird is the nation’s icon and is found on the countries coinage. The NZ dollar is one the world’s major currencies, being in the top ten most traded. The NZ dollar was introduced relatively recently in 1967 as a replacement for the New Zealand pound.

The NZ dollar contributes to the global market in a way that far surpasses its rank as a percentage of the country’s global GDP and population. In 2005 New Zealand was praised for being the most business friendly country in the world, just beating Singapore. Previously New Zealand depended on its trade with Britain, but this source of trade was drastically reduced when Britain joined the European market. This forced New Zealand to open up its markets to the world and for a time the nation struggled as it changed its strategy.

New Zealand’s economy is now dependent on international trade, mostly with the EU, United States, Australia, Japan and China. It focuses mainly on primary industries such as mining and agriculture. New Zealand has only a small industrial sector focusing mostly on small scale manufacturing and high tech goods.

The country itself is comprised of two large islands, the North and South and a number of smaller islands. It lies 900 miles to the South East of Australia and thanks to this remoteness the wildlife has evolved into many strange and spectacular species. The islands natural beauty is a major draw for tourists and adventurers and many major films have been shot there.

Visitor numbers and immigration figures are set to rise year on year showing how popular the small nation has become with those seeking a holiday or to emigrate.

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